Computer Guided Surgery

Computer-Guided Implant Surgery

Computer-Guided Implant Surgery is a relatively new and exciting technique in implant treatment. Using digital data obtained from a Cone Beam CT (CBCT), a specialized CT scan of the face and jaws, the surgeon and restorative doctors can do "virtual surgery" to place the implants in an idea position. This information is then sent to a specialized company who can make CAD/CAM surgical guides and models. This is then used during the implant surgery for exact placement of the implants as planned during the "virtual surgery". The result is extremely accurate implant placement, shortened surgical time for the patient and sometimes allows a "flapless" surgical approach.

When your surgeon feels this type of treatment is appropriate and important for your individual case, you will be referred to a specialized local imaging center - iMagDent. Your surgeon will explain the simple steps necessary for this technique.

The link below will provide directions and other information.