Dental Implant Systems

Nobel Biocare Implants

Improved Quality of Life

Implant-supported replacement teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Besides featuring 'The Original' dental implant system, the Brånemark® System, which has provided us and our customers with outstanding knowledge and understanding, Nobel Biocare's implant solution offering also includes the brands NobelPerfect™, NobelDirect™, NobelActive and Replace® Select allow an optons for every indication.

Nobel Biocare is a market leader and is driving the development of new dental implant standards and protocols.


AstaTech Implants


Based on years of extensive research AstraTech has developed a unique dental implant system that works with the body’s natural healing power. The surface of the implant has been treated to generate more bone and speed up the healing process. The result is a strong, tight connection between the bone and the dental implant. In clinical studies this implant system shows unrivalled long-term results. It is well proven that dental implants from Astra Tech have bone- and gum-stimulating properties and help to maintain healthy bone levels and normal appearance of gums and facial structures.

The Astra Tech Implant System™ is exceptionally well documented and one of the fastest growing systems in the world today.