TeleDentistry Consults



TeleDentistry Consultations


San Antonio Oral Surgery & Dental Implants is excited to offer TeleDentistry Consultations for non-emergent patients to discuss extractions, bone grafting, implants, surgical orthodontic treatment and jaw joint disorders.  


This addition is especially important during these days when COVID-19 directives only allow dentists and surgeons to evaluate and treat emergent, medically necessary conditions in their offices.  


TeleDentistry allows our office to do “Virtual” consults using existing technology, like “Zoom”.  


In order to take advantage of a TeleDentistry Consultation, a patient or dental office need only to contact our staff and make that request. 


If a patient has a dentist of record, a referral form and any necessary images will be requested prior to the TeleDentistry Consult appointment.    


Any patient, even without a referring dentist, can also directly request a TeleDentistry Consult appointment.


Our staff stands ready to guide patients and offices through the simple steps necessary to utilize this option.  


Call today to discuss a TeleDentistry Consultation.


A Reminder:

We continue to be available to see all emergency patients in our office, with or without a referral.  For emergency patients, we will schedule an in-office evaluation to determine if emergent, medical necessary treatment is needed.