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 Governor Abbott works to “Open Texas”


     We are now able to return to evaluating and treating elective patients for elective surgical procedures, while continuing to care for patients needing emergent care.

     Our office functions as a family and we have been blessed to be able to remain intact, keeping all of our talented staff working throughout these trying times.  We are deeply grateful for their dedication and compassion for our patients.

     San Antonio Oral Surgery and Dental Implants has always met the recommend standards for universal precautions and infection control as set by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, the Texas Dental Association and the CDC.   This approach allows us to easily make the transition back to the delivery of elective surgical care in our current environment.   

      We all look forward to getting back to work!  Thanks to every patient, family and referral office that continues to trust us to do the work we love! 





The Governor's New Orders do not change our mission to delivered the safest care possible.  


Staying Home When Sick:

Staff from our office speaks directly to each patient and perfom pre-screening questions prior to each appointment to ensure that patients who are not feeling well, showing any cold or flu-like symptoms, who have been in contact with a person thought to be infected or shown to be infected with the virus reschedule their appointments without penalty.

Keeping You Safe:

In addition to the having ill employees remain out of the office, we are monitoring the temperature of every employee twice per day, as well as question them about possible COVID symptoms.  Additionally, every patient is required to disinfect their hands and have their temperature taken as soon as they arrive.  This policy extends to any necessary escort.  They are also questioned about any viral symptoms and if symptoms and/or a temperature of 100 degrees F or above are present, the patient is asked to exit & reschedule immediately.



Our staff continues to meet regularly and is in close contact with local and regional health officials regarding the latest guidelines. Any procedural adjustments will be made immediately as indicated.


San Antonio Oral Surgery & Dental Implants has always followed stringent safety & health guidelines as established by OSHA, American Association of Maxillofacial Surgeons, American Dental Association, and the Texas Dental Association to ensure a safe environment for patients and employees.  We are diligently evaluating the changing CDC guidelines at this time as well. Your health and well-being are a top priority, and we look forward to continuing to serve you.  Thank you for your continued trust in us.




For over 3 decades, San Antonio Oral Surgery & Dental Implants has provided elite oral surgery treatment to residents of the greater San Antonio region.  Our conveniently located office in San Antonio allows patients from all over the region to easily access our office.  The rare combination of our experience in oral surgery with high tech, cutting edge technology enables us to provide the highest quality of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical and Dental Implant services available.


San Antonio Oral Surgery

As an oral surgery specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Wert has extensive experience with  dental implants grafting (bone and soft tissue),  removal of wisdom teeth  and non-restorative teeth,  corrective jaw surgery, as well as several  options for sedation We also can diagnosis and treat  TMJ (jaw joint disorders), oral pathology, and trauma to the face and jaws.

When it comes to selecting the right oral surgeon in San Antonio, experience is extremely important. San Antonio Oral Surgery & Dental Implants has performed oral surgery for families in San Antonio since 1974.  If you trust us with your oral surgery needs, rest assured that you’re in experienced hands.  Our entire team is dedicated to being an exceptional Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant practice in the greater San Antonio Area. 


We are:

  • Committed - to providing safe, state-of-the-art, comfortable, personal and affordable full-scope Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Caring - about our patients and their families from the moment they make first contact with our office and throughout their entire experience.  

  • Convenient - centrally located to all areas of San Antonio and the surrounding communities with easy access and free parking

As recently summarized by one of our patients:

"There are exceptional practices and just average practices - and you all are definitely an exceptional practice."  

Martha T.


A Technology-Driven Oral Surgery Practice 

We believe in using technology to deliver the best experience and results possible for our patients. Our goal is to decrease your treatment time and reduce any invasive surgery to a minimum. Additionally, we’ve chosen to utilize and invest in the best technology to allow us to perform surgical procedures more precisely, and with more predictable outcomes. Some of the technology we utilize includes:

Digital Imaging – We use digital X-rays for several reasons. First, there are no harsh chemicals associated with digital X-rays because there is no film to process. Second, radiation exposure to the patient is reduced. And finally, digital images can be easy to share with the patient, a referral source, or another specialist. 

Cone Beam CT  A cone beam CT is a special type of digital x-ray that uses 3-D imaging. A cone beam CT scan allows the surgeon to see hidden structures in your mouth and jaw in 3-D, which aids in dental implant cases, bone pathology cases, and planning virtual surgery. 

Computer-Guided Surgery  We use digital data from cone beam CT scans to perform “virtual surgery” to determine the ideal placement for dental implants. This data then can be used to fabricate surgical guides and ensure that you’ll get an extremely accurate implant placement, spend less time in surgery, and enjoy a less-invasive surgical procedure. 

Sedation Options -  At San Antonio Oral Surgery, we understand that going to the dentist or oral surgeon isn’t easy for everyone. For those who suffer from anxiety and/or a dental phobia, we offer several options for sedation dentistry to ensure you have a comfortable visit. 

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